Better patient transfers

Uoma is a system built to streamline patient transfers, which allows patients to find the right place at the right time.

Uoma supports healthcare professionals in their work, from start to finish of patient transfer

We offer a genuinely everyday tool for arranging patient transfers and disseminating information within hospitals and between units. With uoma, the patient's transition to a follow-up treatment site is accelerated, patient safety is improved and errors are reduced when there are no interruptions. Professional time is freed up for patient work.

How does Uoma make life easier for nurses?


Hospital resources for rational use in Uoma

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Uoma facilitates the transfer of patients. Discover the benefits.

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Uoma is used by more than 220 healthcare units

Built to serve Finnish healthcare

Uoma is a truly cross-regional system

Patient-specific chat

Uoma forms an easy and efficient communication channel between professionals involved in patient care.

Shared use of follow-up care facilities

Uoma acts as a coordination system for the sharing of follow-up care facilities, enabling patient transfers that cross municipal boundaries.

Transfer reports

Uoma's customized checklist-type transfer reports improve the quality of patient transfers and reduce communication errors.

Follow-up treatment facilities visible to everyone

Uoma will display real-time follow-up treatment facilities to all parties involved in the treatment.

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Latest news

December 4, 2020

Knowledge management is the future

In hospitals and health centres of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, the transfer of patients to a further care centre is handled by Uoma. A long-term partner has also been able to utilise Uoma in developing his own operations.  Uoma has improved working methods by helping to develop operations by harmonising communication by enabling...
December 2, 2020

Webinar: Uoma – Better everyday life at Satasairaala Hospital

In Satakunta, the burden of nursing was met with the development of operating methods and functional tools. Uoma is used to arrange patient transfers, which has helped calm the working environment. Chief Nurse Katriina Peltomaa, Ward Nurse Riikka Fridfelt and Assistant Ward Nurse Tarja Lahtinen will discuss...
October 1, 2020

Webinar: Better patient transfers in Pirkanmaa

On 25 September, Suvi Liimatainen, project manager of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, who were at the forefront of the introduction of uoma, and Jani Ovaska, head nurse of the observation department at Tays Tays Päivystys Acuta, discussed the situation. organized webinar about his experiences with Taavi Saviauk, CEO of Unitary Healthcare.   Further...