Uoma facilitates patient transfer

The electronic system deepens regional cooperation and supports multiprofessional communication between healthcare operators.

Errors are reduced and the follow-up treatment process improves

Uoma makes the transition to further treatment optimal for everyone by removing unnecessary manual work, making places suitable for the system visible and creating a communication pathway for professionals. With a functioning care system, costs are reduced and patient safety is improved as errors decrease.

"From a nursing point of view, patient processes and patient reporting practices have evolved. Through Uoma, for example, it has become easier to transfer patients to health centres, for example, which was very manual and time-consuming in the past."

Jani OvaskaWard Nurse

The patient is in the right place at the right time.

Patient transfers are safer when the risks associated with interruptions are reduced and an appropriate place of follow-up treatment is automatically found within the system. The patient can get to the best possible place for treatment without additional complications when all participants in the transfer have an up-to-date view of the situation and availability of follow-up treatment facilities.

"It took a huge amount of work to find a suitable place when there are too few places of care or they are behind heavy processes. Uoma resolved the matter by enabling cooperation between municipalities. Now free places can be found in a timely manner for the right patients."

Suvi LiimatainenProject Manager

Time use and the flow of information will become more effective

With uoma, the information relevant to patient transfers travels as planned and the use of time is made easier when the work is not done on the phone. The checklist helps to harmonise and streamline communication by reducing the transmission of unnecessary information.

"Uoma responds to the needs of practical work by reducing telephone traffic. From the nurse's point of view, patient transfers become easier when information can be communicated from the situation. The timelyness and compact format of information are also big benefits and save time in reporting."

Jani OvaskaWard Nurse

Deployment is effortless

It is possible to deploy uoma flexibly either as an independent system or as a system integrated into the patient information system. Deployment is effortless because the system is browser-based and adapts to the customer's individual needs. We offer a ready-made solution and walk alongside the customer throughout the commissioning: we take care of the coordination, model the existing follow-up care pathways to Uoma and train the users.

"The cooperation was really smooth, the project progressed on schedule, and we didn't have to be alone in pulling the stone sleigh, but on the contrary, the feeling of working together was emphasised from the very beginning. The commissioning was also technically light, as Uoma is browser-powered and did not require us to install. The content is very customizable according to the activity. Rarely have I been involved in introducing such a system, which is taken out of hand."

Hanna DowntonHead of Information Management