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“If we won’t solve this, then who will?”

Uoma was born as an answer to a real problem

As doctors, we encountered the same problem on a daily basis in our work: patient healtchrecord systems lacked good tools for organizing patient transfers. In practice, the work had to be handled over the phone: a vacant place was sought for the patient to be transferred by calling through different departments or units, and the patient’s information and the details of the transfer were also communicated over the telephone. Every healthcare professional knows how laborious a process this can be.

Patient transfers are made continuously in all healthcare units, and a successful patient transfers is critical for positive treatment outcome. Therefore, it was important that a working solution for organizing patient transfers had to be developed. The solution would not only ensure the correct transfer of patient data but also save working hours of doctors, nurses and other professionals.

It was not an option to look away as we saw how everyone struggled with the same things in our work. It was clear that the challenges of patient transfers would not be solved on its own. It was time to tackle the problem ourselves.

As doctors, we realized no one needs a new complicated health care system. The driving force behind the change was the desire to streamline the process, make transfers safer and create a more comfortable operating environment for users. We wanted to make a tool that genuinely helps to lighten the burden of patient transfers.

Based on our idea we started build a solution at the end of 2015, and the first patients were transferred with the help of Uoma on the 5th of December 2016. In just under a year our vision became reality!

Uoma makes patient transfers better

Uoma works as an independent system with which logistics and communication related to the patient’s transition can be handled. It has been well received and user satisfaction is exceptionally high. We have succeeded in providing a solution that serves all parties involved in transitions as well as saves time, nerves, money and, above all, patients.

Healthcare personnel can focus on the relevant instead of phone work. Important information regarding the patient’s treatment and care is transferred between units without interruptions. The right place is found to the right patient at the right time without any extra hurdles.

Uoma adapts well to different environments, and the features are developed according to the individual needs of the customers. Our practical experience gave us a solid starting point for business development and we still want to work closely with customers. Service development often requires a change in operating models, which is why it is important that healthcare professionals and technology experts are involved in the implementation of the systems. We have found that the best results are achieved when processes are developed in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Uoma is now used in three healtcare districts for inter-unit patient transfers and intra-hospital traffic. Features and processes are constantly being developed to meet future needs. The goal is that all urgent transitions to follow-up care is done with Uoma.

In healthcare, standing still is not an option. That’s why we decided to solve the problems ourselves, and founded Unitary Healthcare.

– Taavi, Anssi, Miika and Niku