Knowledge management is the future

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In hospitals and health centres of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, the transfer of patients to a further care centre is handled by Uoma. A long-term partner has also been able to utilise Uoma in developing his own operations. 

Uoma has improved working methods

  • helping to develop operations
  • harmonising communication
  • by enabling knowledge management.

The introduction of systems always brings with it a change in operating methods. Jukka Keso, project manager for information management, who has followed the introduction of Uoma in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, says that uoma has managed to renew work done very manually, by phone, in the past as a digital solution: "Uoma is a successful and new kind of digital solution – not only doing old things in a slightlynew way, but uoma brings with it a new way of working."

At its best, digitalisation is not just a delivery of software, but a comprehensive analysis, streamlining and modification of operations with suitable tools. When everything is based on a solid understanding of the field, successes are not surprised. Uoma has changed the way things work and compared to the time before Uoma, things are handled more smoothly. Uoma has cleared the chaos. 

"The operation has been systematic and unnecessary "adjustment" and the blugging has been omitted. The organisation of a follow-up treatment facility for patients has been simplified and the patient's access to the follow-up treatment facility has been accelerated." , Chief Administrative Officer Eija Tomás sums up the benefits of Uoma for rationalising operations.

According to Taavi Saviauk, CEO of Unitary Healthcare, the harmonisation of information is a key role in the development of operating methods.

"Improving communication is one of the key aspects of operational development. The chat helps the exchange of information between the parties, and the checklist to be filled in during the transfer aims to structure everyone's position on the same important issues that need to be taken into account in transfers and illness. In the long term, there will be a unified flow of information, which will benefit everyone! "

Uoma's reports provide the information needed to develop the operations on the number of patient transfers and possible transfer delayes. Eija Tomás, Chief Administrative Officer responsible for cooperation between municipalities and hospitals in the special responsibility area and digitalisation and information management in the hospital district, is pleased that the data obtained by analysing the data can be utilised to support decision-making. The development of operations and knowledge management will rise to a new level, as it will be easier to plan entities.

"In discussions with municipalities, statistical information on patients' access to further treatment can be utilised from Uoma. Uoma also provides factual information to support the development of its own operations and knowledge management." , says Eija Tomás, Chief Administrative Officer.

Knowledge management makes it easier to plan resources when patient flows are visible. The cost savings are also huge when unnecessary transfers or extra periods in the hospital cannot be made thanks to Uoma.  

Uoma is being developed user-oriented and the service is constantly being refined to better meet the individual needs of customers. More features will be introduced and the aim is to take care of all non-urgent follow-up care at Uoma. There are also plans to bring social welfare services to Uoma, as comprehensive planning of the care path often requires consideration of both health care and social services. All in all, Pshp is satisfied with the system and development work.

"I would recommend Uoma to my colleagues. The system has been developed agilely, at a fast pace and listening to professionals." , summarised by Chief Administrative Officer Eija Tomás. 

"I have never encountered asystem that is free of patient information systems, independent and suitable for many actors," says Jani Ovaska,ward nurse at the Acuta observation department, who is considering Uoma from a nursingperspective.

Seamless cooperation between Unitary Healthcare and the customer has enabled flexible development work. Thanks speak for themselves.

"Cooperation and communication with Unitary Healthcare has been exceptionally straightforward and smooth. There are innovative and dynamic people on their payroll. The company has a suitable mix of innovative healthcare, technology and marketing expertise." Eija Tomás, Chief Administrative Officer, rejoices.