Uoma patient transfer system streamlines nurses' work in Keusote health centres and Hyvinkää Acute

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The Uoma patient logistics system has been introduced in the health centre hospitals of the Central Uusimaa Health and Social Services Joint Municipal Authority and HUS Hyvinkää Acute. Uoma's help is used to treat patients' non-urgent transfer to follow-up care between healthcare operators and within hospitals. Uoma will make the transfer to the patient's follow-up treatment smoother, save costs, make the nurse's work easier and the patient's transfer safer. In the past, the transfer has required several calls and interruptions to the nurse's work.


"The biggest benefit is that patients are in the right place at the right time. Everything happens much faster than before," says Nina Nikkinen, Keusote's coordinating nursing supervisor. "Even the implementation of the system went smoothly and quickly," Nikkinen adds.

Uoma traditionally deletes location enquiries related to patient transfers by phone and the transmission of oral transfer reports. The system connects all professionals involved in patient transfer and works smoothly across municipal boundaries.

"With uoma, we save time, money and nurses' steps in receiving patients," says Minna Säynätmäki, Nursing Supervisor at Hyvinkää Health Centre Hospital. "Patients move faster, and nurses don't have to write down information on paper. Nurses also do not have to walk to the second floor or team to provide information about the patient," Säynätmäki continues.


Top user satisfaction

Uoma was introduced in Keusote health centre hospitals and HUS Hyvinkää in Acute in late autumn 2019 and early 2020.

"The nurses have heard nothing but positive things from the nurses. You learn the system quickly, and it's easy to use. The most important thing is that it works as it should," says Irmeli Parkkonen, a nurse in the assistance department at HUS Hyvinkää Acute.

"Our user satisfaction is over 95%, which is completely exceptional in this area," says Taavi Saviauk, CEO of Unitary Healthcare Oy, which developed Uoma. Unitary Healthcare Oy is a Finnish software company founded by doctors.

"We created Uoma to solve a problem that we have identified ourselves in our clinical work. We made a system that we want to use ourselves," Saviauk says.


Phone drumbeat left – complex follow-up paths are also taken care of

Traditionally, nurses investigate the patients' place of follow-up treatment by phone and provide a transfer report on the patient to the new treatment site orally. This takes time and causes interruptions to the work, which have been investigated as a threat to patient safety.

In Uoma, the location situation of the entire hospital district is visible in real time, and the transfer report is submitted structurally using an inspection list. Everyone involved in the transfer will see the current status of the transfer and will be able to communicate with each other via chat. "Chat has been our most popular feature. You don't want to go after a phone drumbeat," Saviauk says.

"Uoma is suitable for both small and large hospital districts. Our features also cover very complex follow-up pathways," Saviauk adds.

In addition to Keusote, the Uoma system is used in the hospital districts of Pirkanmaa and Satakunta. It is used to perform more than 3,000 patient transfers every month.


More info on:
Taavi Saviauk, Ceo, Unitary Healthcare Oy, taavi.saviauk@unitary.fi, tel. 050 543 5789
Nina Nikkinen, Coordinating Nursing Supervisor, Central Uusimaa Health and Social Services Joint Municipal Authority, nina.nikkinen@keusote.fi, tel. 040 315 3587