Webinar: Uoma – Better everyday life at Satasairaala Hospital

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In Satakunta, the burden of nursing was met with the development of operating methods and functional tools. Uoma is used to arrange patient transfers, which has helped calm the working environment. Chief Nurse Katriina Peltomaa, Ward Nurse Riikka Fridfelt and Assistant Ward Nurse Tarja Lahtinen will discuss their experiences at the webinar together with our Chief Operating Officer Anssi Sepo. 


People working on call are familiar with general noise, the screaming of patient monitors and continuous interruptions. Calming the working environment is important for employees' coping, as stimuli affect well-being at work.

Loads can be tackled with functional tools: calling for follow-up care places has gone down in history when Uoma was introduced. Nowadays, arranging patient transfers is a quiet job when a nurse makes a request for an extension from his or her workstation and the request goes to the receiving unit for processing.

"The alarm and interruptions affect work management, comfort and well-being at work. We have got a good tool from Uoma to manage them,"says Riikka Fridfelt,ward nurse in satasairaala's emergencydepartment.

The uoma has been able to control the flood of information. The information relevant to the treatment is no longer memory-based, and no one has to assess whether a transfer report has been submitted. The information can be found in Uoma. Katriina Peltomaa, Chief Nurse of Emergency Care and Emergency Care at Satasairaala, also sees writing reports as good from the perspective of patient safety and data protection:

"On the management side, we were always concerned about data protection when people's data was provided by phone in the same space as patients, relatives and other actors. Now this problem is gone when the reports are written to Uoma." 

"Electronic dialogue via Uoma's chat also facilitates consulting and evaluating treatment opportunities from different parties. This avoids additional transfers that are unpleasant for the patient as well," adds Tarja Lahtinen, Assistant Ward Nurse at the Acute Home Centre, who assesses the need for treatment as a follow-up care coordinator, about the basic safety of Pori.

Uoma's reputation was quickly damaged at Satasairaala hospital and its benefits have been extensively identified. Listening to user experiences and development ideas, Uomas has been tailored to a whole that looks like Satakunta through good cooperation with the programme editor. 

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